the owners


Helen first visited the Barossa region in 1989 when she helped to plant and water young vines, establishing the vineyard which now produces the fruit used to make Pontifex Wines.

In 1998 Helen moved to the Barossa and set up home there with her family. This is when her involvement in the wine industry truly began. Helen enjoys working in the vineyard and being hands-on in the management and care of the vines. She likes all aspects of vineyard work including pruning, vine training and hand picking. You will often find Helen in the vineyard either racing around on the quad bike or walking along with her faithful dog Pippa always following close by.

During vintage, Helen is involved in winemaking, getting her hands dirty as she helps outs with the processing of the grapes. One of the most enjoyable parts for Helen is seeing the wines being bottled and sitting down to enjoy a glass or two and think about how much work and effort goes into making good wine but the end result makes it all worthwhile.

In her spare time Helen enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, travelling, catching up with friends and enjoying good food and wines.


Sam by family connection has been coming to and from the Barossa Valley from his earliest day;  his mother’s family having been long time farmers and grapegrowers in the area.

Studying Finance and Geology at Uni taught him a thing or two about business, but it was his time spent working with his family at their winery that taught him the most. After doing that for over 20 years he knew he had found his niche in life. The love of the outdoors, enjoyment of the creative pleasure of crafting wines from the ground up and getting out amongst it were some of the things that make sure he will never move far. Also a big fan of creating sustainable environments, he is slowly moving the small vineyard estate across to organic farming.

Pontifex is the opportunity for him to get those hands dirty and make that creative urge come alive again.